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YDC’s ultimate goal is to facilitate development of after-school and summer programs that will enhance the academic, social, personal and character development of Greene County Youth.

After-School Enrichment


The After-School Program has demonstrated the great value of helping students in grades 3-7 with their academic, social and physical needs. YDC has expanded the program to serve some 48 students 4 days a week with a two-day session at Nathanael Greene Elementary and William Monroe Middle schools. The Nathanael Greene location serves our Ruckersville students as well. Professional staff and volunteers allow for personal mentoring, homework tutoring, enhancing reading and other skills, and character-building in an accepting environment. Thanks to staff and volunteers, our student to leader ratio averages 3 to 1.














YDC Summer Camp at Dover-Foxcroft


The YDC summer camp serves up to 48 students with two two-week camps.  The camp content is focused on reading, social skills, learning about the community, lots of hands-on outdoor activities and FUN!  Food and facilities are provided by local churches, families and Dover-Foxcroft. Our campers participate in many field trips including visiting the Library, Skyline Drive, farms, and the Sheriff’s Office and meeting with Deputies, Firemen and Rescue Squad personnel.  The summer camp has helped many campers retain or enhance their reading skills giving them a great start when returning to school.




YDC provides scholarship funds for our students to have a chance to participate and experience new activities and programs in athletics, arts, science, and other fields. We want kids to reach out to their dreams.





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Student Friendship Association


The Student Friendship Association (SFA) of the Youth Development Council  is a group of high school students who volunteer as tutors, mentors and friends to help carry out the mission of the YDC.

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Character Development


Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Youth Development Council (YDC) Character Education Program is to increase the knowledge of moral principles that govern thinking, feeling and acting. The program focuses on internal values that determine outward positive behaviors and strives to close the gap between the two concepts through education, classroom discussion and positive reinforcement. As a team, YDC personnel are committed to developing moral principles within our students so that the community is strengthened from within.


YDC Character definition:


            "Inward values that determine outward behaviors." 

 Session Outline

  1. Reinforce lessons learned from previous week by asking kids to recap what they learned and to give character definition. Reward those who can remember correctly. (Positive reinforcement) Ask if they have a positive example of living out the character trait given last week.

  2. Teach new lesson. (Education)

  3. Reinforce new material. Ask how they can apply the specific principle in the following locations (classroom discussion):

    • School

    • Home

    • Community

    • Extracurricular Activities

  4. Close session with a recap of what they learned. 

     Prepare them to share how they lived out the

     character trait they learned this week.











Enrichment and Care
Meeting Needs of our Families and Students


Helping our Homeless Families… Clothing, Food, Bills

Helping with Financial Assistance for Arts and Athletics

Helping Connect our Families with Community Resources

•Feeding Greene

•GRACE Alliance

•Region Ten

•Greene Care Clinic

•Parks and Recreation

•Local Churches

•Local Businesses

•James Madison University Occupational Therapy

•Student Success Program (GCPS)


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Art Activities


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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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