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The YDC campaign continues after a successful four weeks of summer camp and the continuance of the fall/spring Elementary and Middle after-school enrichment programs following the Covid-19 pandemic. YDC is now serving 48 local students. This would not have happened without the help of our community. We look forward to reaching more students by adding new activities and programs. Your support and continued support will help make this happen!




You can make a one time or monthly donation by credit card using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit card, or your PayPal account, to make a donation through the Youth Development Council's PayPal account. Just click on the "Donate" button below which will take you to a secure page where you can enter your credit card information. Note: you do not need to use or create your own PayPal account; just enter the amount of your donation and your credit card information.



Why Donate?

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                                   YDC Video!

The video gives insight to the YDC programs and highlights many activities with student testimonials. Check it out!   

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Prefer to send us a check, please use the form below. 

YES! I will make a donation to help forge a comprehensive youth development program in Greene County.

   ___    Contributor $1 to $199
  ___    Supporter $200 to $499 
  ___    Sustainer $500 to $999 
  ___    Advocate $1,000 to 4,999 
  ___    Benefactor $5,000 and up

Please send this form and your check to:

Youth Development Council of Greene County
P.O. Box 1162

Stanardsville, VA 22973

Name (please print) _________________________________


Address ___________________________________________


City/ State/Zip _____________________________________ 


Phone ________________________


E-Mail ____________________________________________

The Youth Development Council is exempt from Federal income taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to the Council are tax deductible under Section 701 of the Code. 

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